A partnership to grow your business.

Thanks to its team and extensive territory, Supermax Healthcare Canada Group can help you in distribution, sales or acquisition of new markets for your product. Whatever your business goals, the team can support and assist you in making your business more competitive and successful, while expanding your distribution network.

Supermax Healthcare Canada Group’s values are based on respect for your product, its quality and collaboration in the sales or distribution process. We focus on the credibility of your product and will help you develop it, while allowing you to increase your sales.

Why become a partner?

Product Launch

To increase sales, establish greater awareness of your new product or line



In order to deploy your innovative product and penetrate the market

Market Acquisition or Product Distribution

To expand your distribution network, break into new markets and extend your reach

Research & Development

To accelerate your research, obtain R&D support and use our state-of-the-art tools

Your ambitions. Our markets.

The markets served by Supermax are extensive. Whether you are in the dental, agri-food or aesthetic field or if your product addresses all markets, we can help you target the market of your choice.

Beauty & Cosmetics
Icône tatouage
Home Care
Health & Safety
Food products



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